About Deriwe

Dérive - Story
Origin: Latin/French

"Lit. "drift"; a spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them” - “An unplanned journey where the ultimate goal is to encounter an entirely new and authentic experience".

Deriwe is a company which creates personal and classic travel and work accessories. Our goal is to make it easier, funnier and more convinient to work and travel. This by making high quality and classic products with a price that makes it possible for a lot of people to buy exceptional products. Our products can either be used as a single product or be build together and be matched with each other.

We believe that organization is the key to stay comfortable about having everything in the right spot and that nothing is left to chance. Organization leads to a more convinient travel, since you no longer have to worry about not having all your personal belongings with you.

The idea to Deriwe envolved when we were about to leave New York. Stressed as usual, we packed our things the very last minute and just pushed everything into a bag and caught a cab to JFK. When we arrived to the airport, it came to our attention that one of us had left her passport in the apartment. We ran through the airport and jumped into a cab and headed back to Manhattan again.

Due to the forgotten passport, we ended up missing our flight back to Sweden and we told ourself that we are never going to leave anything to chance when we are traveling, especially not our personal belongings.

We discussed what we needed to do in order to fix this so it won’t happen again. We agreed upon that better travel accessories would be the key. But there were two problems, either the products were very expensive or impractical and boring. We searched but didn’t find anything that suited us or matched our taste. So we decided to create our own products and we started Deriwe, so no other traveller had to make the same expensive misstake that we did.


Welcome aboard!